Enter the world of Topas City

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Immersive VR World

Explore Topas City, play games in the arcade, meet new friends in the bar and experience apps in GALAX.


Trade your virtual access cards, game items and collectables on the Topas City marketplace.


Earn tokens by playing games in the arcade, protecting the city at night against the mutant monsters.

Cutting-edge Technology
Topas City will be using a mix of VR, WebXR and Blockchain technology.
Create Your Own Content

Topas City welcomes developers and designers to create their own in-game VR experiences for visitors to enjoy. With these apps creators can earn tokens by monetizing the entrance fees. The more popular it becomes, the more you earn.

NFT Cards
Topas City cards
While most of Topas City is open to everyone, some parts are only accessible if you own a special access card.
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